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Havok was founded in 1998 by Hugh Reynolds and Dr. Steven Collins of the computer science department in Trinity College, Dublin. Research and Development is carried out in Dublin, Germany, San Francisco and India.


  • US National Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences Award
  1. 2008 - Technical Emmy
  • Red Herring 100
  1. 2006 Winner
  • Best Choice of Computex
  1. 2006 Winner
  • OnHollywood
  1. 2006 Winner
  • Develop Industry Excellence Awards
  1. 2006 Nominee - Best Tools Provider
  2. 2005 Winner - Best Tools Provider
  3. 2004 Nominee - Best Tools Provider
  • Game Developer Frontline Award
  1. 2006 Finalist - Middleware
  2. 2003 Winner - Best Game Component
  3. 2002 Winner - Best Game Component
  • FileFront
  1. Most Advanced Technology of 2004
  • Computer Graphics World
  1. CGW 2003 Innovation Award

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