Now that beta is open, thoughts?

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#1 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

I got a game or two in earlier today now that the beta is open and I have to say I was surprised, I was expecting the quite amazing graphics already (nothing ground breaking but damn good) however I am more surprised at the control. They seemed to have somehow hit both an arcade and simulation feel all at the same time. The mechs feel unresponsive when coming out of boosts which give them weight, at the same time when dashing left and right during fire fights things feel very responsive whilst still maintaining the weighty feel of the mech. I can imagine things get different with the larger mechs and this is all going off the first game on the standard mech.

The FTP thing so far doesn't seem to be too intrusive, I took down a brawler with the level 1 mech because I came up behind him however he wasn't doing so well score wise either so I am doing to say he was probably bad.

Overall I am surprised at how this is done, they have found a nice middle ground with the feel here. Every time I died I didn't feel like I was overpowered which is nice for a FTP game.

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#2 Posted by tunaburn (2021 posts) -

its downloading now

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#3 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5710 posts) -

This game sure does look good.

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#4 Posted by tunaburn (2021 posts) -

im not sure yet. itll be downloaded in 10 minutes. it looks like it could be fun but i dunno. ive been playing a ton of dota 2 and some smite lately. dunno if this can get me to quit the smite for it or not. the amount i play dota 2 i dont have time for 3 games really and to be any good at the other 2.

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#5 Posted by tunaburn (2021 posts) -

i uninstalled. felt like call of duty to me. not my type of game.

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#6 Posted by Itwastuesday (1221 posts) -

I get fatal errors every time I try to install, and no one on the support website seems to know anything. This isn't the first time I've had major technical issues with f2p titles, and I suspect it won't be the last.

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#7 Posted by Klei (1798 posts) -

I like it. I think it's pretty unique, considering mech shooters are, as of now, pretty much absent from the market. It's one of the better F2P games I've played. And it's not pay to win. Finally.

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I thought the texturing and lighting were kind of ugly (limited detail).

The gameplay seemed neat, closer to what I get out of Quake 3 than a Call of Duty: XYZ (not directly similar, just saying the frame of mind it puts me in). The mobility of the mechs and specifics of dodging incoming rockets is interesting, and adds some level of strategy to it. As a long term thing, it seems difficult for it to hold up though.

But, playing a free-to-play game on a on-going basis is not a thing I'm interested in. Just spawning with everything limits variety due to the nature of the games monetization scheme. And any novel introductions would just stay the same over the full map time vs. the introducing of different weapon and health states at every encounter in a more traditional FPS. Plus, it looks like it would either take a ton of time or money to really get everything unlocked. I'd rather just pay $20-60 and have everything 4 months after it first comes out. Games are free to play because that makes them way more expensive if you actually get into them though, so yeah, no thanks beyond popping a few starter mechs for me.

Its novel enough that is worth exploring though, and I'm sure I would enjoy it if I am on at the same time as my friends. What it really needs is a release like CS:GO where there is no unlock BS. Its is held back because most people are always using the same equipment. And spending money yourself will not fix that.

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Dodge dem rockets all day err day!!

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