One problem - Boost to Shooting Delay

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I have been really liking this game. Only one thing has been annoying the hell out of me. That's the time it takes you to be able to start firing weapons when coming out of a boost. Often times, I will boost around the map to get places quickly, but when you spot an enemy it can take 2-3 Seconds to come out of boost and get your weapons up. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a huge difference on who can get the first rocket off etc..

In most modern shooters you can not shoot while sprinting like in hawken, but in most shooters the time it takes to come out of sprint and start shooting is instant, unlike hawken.

Has anyone else noticed this? It's honestly the only frustrating aspect right now.

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Everybody are playing by those rules, so it's no biggie. You'll learn when it's time to boost and when you can get a few seconds of repairs as time goes on and you learn the maps and how enemy players behave.
It does favour light mechs using broken bullet weapons at the moment though, the whole boost-attack delay.

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