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Hayabusa is an armor permutation available in Halo 3, if the player discovers all the hidden skulls. Hayabusa is a complete set, consisting of shoulder plates, a chest plate, and a helmet. Additionally, a katana can be unlocked to go with the armor if the player gets all 1,000 acievement points in Halo 3. Hayabusa is one of the most popular armor permutations online.

Hayabusa armor is a tribute to Ryu Hayabusa, the protagonist from the Ninja Gaiden franchise. It's inclusion in Halo 3 is from the partnership between Bungie Studios and Team Ninja that saw Spartan-458 included in Dead Or Alive 4.

In-universe it is suggested that PROJECT: HAYABUSA was the Japanese counterpart to the western PROJECT: MJOLNIR.

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