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Hazama, as he appears in the PSX remake.
Hazama, as he appears in the PSX remake.

Ideo Hazama is the antagonist of Shin Megami Tensei: if.... Like the protagonists, Hazama attends Karukozaka High School. Constant harassment and abuse from his fellow classmates ultimately leaves him in an emotionally volatile state. During the game's introduction, Hazama attempts to conjure a demon within the school gym; however, he soon loses control of the ritual, sending Karukozaka High into the demon world where most of the game's events take place.

Hazama first appears sadistic and arrogant, often ending his diatribes with a cartoonish evil laugh. He will appear before the protagonist near the start of each world to elaborate upon one of the seven deadly sins for which each dungeon is based on.

Reiko's Route

After the final confrontation of Reiko's route, the player is given the option of entering Hazama's mind. The resulting dungeon is littered with short scenes from Hazama's troubled past. It is explained that Ideo is Reiko's brother, having taken his father's surname after their parents separated. Subsequent scenes reveal that he harbored feelings for Ms. Kayama, the school nurse. Though she rejects his initial confession, it is notable that Ms. Kayama is the only side character to remain safe within the school's walls throughout the entire main story.

Hazama, in his Demon God Emperor form.
Hazama, in his Demon God Emperor form.

After overcoming his warped psyche, Reiko attempts to console her emotionally distant brother. As the area begins to collapse around them, Reiko advises the protagonist to flee before Hazama's unstable mind returns to normal. With the Demon God Emperor out of the picture, the school is thrown out of the abyss and back to reality. A brief text scroll then states that Ideo and Reiko are never seen again. However, in Charlie's route, he merely allows the protagonist and her partner to leave, claiming that their interests are not at odds with his own desire. Yumi's route simply ends upon defeating his initial Demon God Emperor form, with very little closure.

It's implied that Hazama's somewhat extravagant and villainous demeanor is simply a facade, as he tries to conduct himself in a manner befitting of a "Demon Emperor".

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