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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 09, 2002

    Headhunter was released for the Sega Dreamcast November 16th 2001, and the Sony PlayStation 2 May 9th 2002. Headhunter takes place in a near future Los Angeles and tells the story of Jack Wade, a professional bounty hunter.

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    Jack Wade is a headhunter in a near future Los-Angeles. After Jack awakes from a coma he realizes that he cannot remember his own identity.  The only way to regain what he has mysteriously lost is by embarking on a quest for his past in hopes of saving his future. When the Anti-Crime Network's (A.C.N) chief officer is murdered, it's up to Jack to bring his killers to justice by any means necessary. Headhunter is a tactical espionage game that combines a limited open world setting with stealth action and gunplay .


    • Jack Wade - The main character and protagonist in the main story line.
    • Queen of Hearts - Import/Export ship for X-Must Energy Drink.
    • Adam - Adam is genetically altered and represents a superior human race in the game. 
    • Hank Redwood - a bounty hunter for ACN.
    • Doctor Ernst Zweiberg - Adams creator
    • Angela Stern - Jack's assistant that also works for the A.C.N ( Anti-Crime Network)
    • Eve - A virus planned to be released by the ACN, used  to destroy the human race and form a perfect race.
    • Wolfpack - Wolfpack is an outlaw gang that is tasked to retrieve human organs in trade for money and weapons.
    • ACN (Anti-Crime Network) - the future law system which plans to distribute the virus in shipments of X-Must Energy Drink.
    • Biotech - Company responsible for inventing the weapons featured in Headhunter.
    • Grey Wolf - An initial enemy of Jack that eventually becomes a friend and aid.
    • Alan Sharp - President of ACN.
    • L.E.I.L.A. (Law Enforcement Intelligence and License Approval) - a virtual reality simulator which give ACN bounty hunters a license.
    • Ramirez - a member of Wolfpack who divulges critical information of the connection between ACN and Wolfpack.
    • Gladiator - A challenging boss character.
    • Underwater Arena - an underwater gladiatorial prison owned by ACN.


    Stimulator Automatic - Basic handgun with a 10 round magazine, but can be upgraded to 16 rounds later in the game.
    Resonator Grenade -  Standard grenade.
    Scorpion Neurostunner  - A tranquilizer, must be charged up.
    Regulator Shotgun - Standard shotgun, does lots of damage close up, but much less farther away.
    Sub Machine Gun - Machine gun with a 30 round magazine.  
    Missile Launcher - A missile launcher that tracks your enemies. 
    Proximity Mine - Explosive which detonates when other come near it.



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