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HeadON! is a VR game where the player has to head soccer balls into a goal or hit targets. The game is focused on competitive gameplay, with the main objective to achieve the highest scoring in various game modes. The global ranking is hosted online via steam ranking.


The player stays in front of a goal. A glowing portal (which is located near the goal, but changes it's position from time to time ) shoots balls towards the player. The player has to head the balls into the goal. Every game modes has it's own win and lose conditions.

Game Modes:

There are currently two game modes (last checked: March 23th 2018).

Score Mode:

The player has a limited amount of time to head as many balls into the goal. Every goal gives points. As soon as the player has reached a specific number of points in a run, the goal area changes and the player encounters new obstacles (like e.g. wooden goal keeper or walls) which make it harder to score a goal. But the goal is not the only way to score points. From time to time there appear special targets that grant extra points. The player can get extra time by hitting special fire balls into the goal which the portal will shoot sometimes. But the player has also to be careful because the portal will also shoot randomly bombs at the player. If the player doesn't dodge the bomb it will explode and thus will reduce the timer.

Goal Mode:

The player has to hit as many balls into the goal. If the player scores a goal he/she gets one point. If the player misses the goal he gets a miss. After the fifth miss, the player loses. A moving wooden goal keeper tries to block the ball. As the player hits more and more balls into the goal, the goal keeper gets more energetic.


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