New Expansion is called Witchwood

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  • New Keyword: Echo - These cards can be cast multiple times in the same turn.
  • New Keyword: Rush - These minions can attack other minions the same turn they are played. Charge but not overpowered!
  • Monster Hunt - Four unique heroes in a new version of Dungeon Run.
  • Pre-order - Contains 70 card packs for the price of 50. You also get a card back.
  • 135 new cards
  • Free stuff - Logging in when the expansion arrives gives you three free card packs and a random Class Legendary card.

This video is so cringy but in an endearing way.

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I said it in the Year of the Raven thread, but I hope Rush still sort of works like a battlecry, or Charged Devilsaur doesn't get changed to Rush. I had a lot of fun with gimmicky Kathrena/Charged Devilsaur/Cube decks and don't want to lose that! Other than that though, Rush is a super exciting mechanic

Echo is also really cool, can turn a 3 drop into a 9 drop pretty easily. Not much to say about it til we see more cards though

Those worgen cards might be neat but I suspect they'll be the new Adapt: good in Arena, but only a few that'll make an impact in constructed

New Dungeon Run! That was honestly one of my favorite parts of the last expansion. It wasn't perfect by any means but it felt genuinely fresh. I had kind of hoped they'd just continue adding cards and bosses to the current one but a new one is cool too

Also I looked it up, and if this is the Gilneas/Worgen expansion it should be Duskwood, not Witchwood right? Witchwood is somewhere else entirely

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I really like the echo effect. You can make a card that is good vs both aggro and control without it being too powerful or situational. All of those cards seem potentially playable so that's a good sign (well maybe not the peasant). It is way too hard to speculate with old cards dropping out and new ones coming in without some serious theorycrafting, but definitely interested so far.

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that trailer was pretty good, can't wait to see what interesting interactions we will get from charge and echo.

I'll wait for some new cards to be announced but this announcement does have my attention for the expansion

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A bunch of little bits of information, that is in fact a new hero card for Shaman at the end of the trailer and Shaman is the only class that gets one, 2 class Legendaries per class again, K&C and Witchwood beasts are being added to Deathstalker Rexxar's pool for Build-a-beasts, and some clarifications about how some of the new mechanics will work

I'm pretty excited about this one, Milita Commander makes me even weirdly excited to play some Tempo Warrior and I usually dislike playing Warrior

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I impulse bought the card bundle. Not sure how I feel about it. 70 packs is a lot though.

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Since we've got the rotation coming up, if you are planning on playing Hearthstone long term, please don't auto-dust your rotated cards without seriously thinking it through. Start playing Wild either along with, or instead of, Standard. I've been playing Wild since the first rotation and at this point I don't even play Standard anymore. I just find it to be a more entertaining format and it is certainly less expensive to keep up with Wild compared to Standard. Not to mention that dusting cards in Hearthstone is an extremely poor value, and if you're playing long term than your 25% value for your rotated cards is going to be slashed another 75% when those cards rotate anyway. You don't need an entire collection to play Wild and you can get started in the format with just a few commons and then move your way onto some of the more powerful Legendary cards or even pick up the old Adventures on Blizzard's site.

There are far more possibilities in Wild, there is much greater deck variety even at higher ranks, and this is only going to be more true after the rotation when the card pool in Standard is tiny in comparison. If you aren't a competitive pro and don't care about HCT points then please give Wild a shot. Building up your Hearthstone collection is expensive and/or time consuming, don't get rid of your favorite cards for basically nothing.

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We got a couple cards revealed recently.

Loading Video...

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You know, Prince Keleseth is a very powerful effect that only asks you to do without 2-drops. Asking my deck to do without 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-drop cards for the sake of some slightly better than average cards seems like it's going to be really awkward. The legendaries that change your hero power seem good, but I'm not sure any of the other ones would ever earn a spot in a deck. It just seems like you'd end up leaving unused mana floating even more than a normal game. Plus I think it would be nearly impossible to draft an Arena deck that activates any of these even cost/odd cost effects. Maybe I'll be proven wrong!

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@bisonhero: I think they've said they will be unavailable in arena, could be wrong though

I do think if Odd/Even decks are a thing you'll play these anyways, just cause the effects are good, I just don't like the execution for a lot of reasons

1. I don't like forced synergy stuff in general, I'd rather figuring out which cards to use be more natural

2. I also think these dictate which you'll do with each class too much? I think they've said each class is getting one of these, and if you, say, want to do odd Shaman you just don't get the same payoff as if you do even cause you can't play that eel

3. Why are some of them Epic? You're already investing in a Legendary to play these decks, I'd rather all these be common/rare

(I said "I think" a lot in this so it's always possible I'm just super wrong and this'll all be fine)

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@cesakich said:

@bisonhero: I think they've said they will be unavailable in arena, could be wrong though

3. Why are some of them Epic? You're already investing in a Legendary to play these decks, I'd rather all these be common/rare

The even/odd cards will not be offered in Arena drafts.

Some of those cards are Epic so that you need to open even more packs to get them. They really need to do something about either the Epic pull rate or the crafting economy. At this point I have every single Legendary from each of the last few sets but I'm still missing a good third or more of the Epics.


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