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This is our town, scrub! 2

The barrier to entry in a trading card game tends to be enormous. Acquiring enough cards to form a deck can be an expensive endeavor, particularly if hoping to play competitively, and as a fresh-faced newbie nervously shuffling a fresh stack of cards, finding a match or group to practice with is an intimidating prospect in itself.Fortunately, the internet has stepped in to save those cards (and you) from sustaining nasty battle scars. With the rising popularity of online card games, more compani...

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An ex-Magic the Gathering player's love of the game 0

Trading card games are part of geek life. They are something that most of us at least dabble with at some point in our youth, be it Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon or even just observing classmates and friends playing them at lunch. For me, like most geeks growing up in the late 90s, it was Magic the Gathering. I have fond memories of learning it and playing my friends at it, meager though our collections were. The problem always was money; We didn't have much of it.Our decks were cobbled together from ...

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How I Got Hearthstoned 0

Originally, I was going to write about why Hearthstone is my 2014 Game of the Year. But I can’t really afford to play all the hot new games when they come out, so it would have been a really short list. While Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! was a lot of fun, I’ve already completed the entire campaign multiple times, maxed out three characters, and have acquired most of the legendary weapons worth having. Unless that next DLC pack is something truly amazing (unlike the previous three), ...

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Incredibly addictive and fun... until you hit the wall. 5

So finally someone has come up with an online equivalent of Magic the Gathering that removes a lot of the unnecessary mental gymnastics while maintaining the strategy of both deck crafting and game play.Set in the World of Warcraft universe, you take on one of that game's popular character classes, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Priest, Shaman, etc. and battle it out using minions and spells. The game play is fast (thanks to a built-in turn timer), and of course like all CCGs, you can buy new card packs ...

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Hearthstone (iPhone 6+) 0

Blizzard's free-to-play card game is a simple yet satisfyingly deep aping of Magic: The Gathering. The gameplay is the pretty standard creatures/spells/resource management type of collectible card game, and Hearthstone's implementation does very little to bring many new ideas to the (card) table, but what is here is a solid and approachable game. Each of the 9 characters and their unique card sets are interestingly different from one another, and the game seems well-balanced. The content is deli...

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Hearthstone : An incredibly beautiful boardgame 0

Well i never played any card games before. i don't really like them, but man this game is addictive. i have spent so many hours. As for the the pay to win thing some people say, yeah sure more money = better cards. but i haven't spent any and still doing good. almost got legend too. you must have patience. The one thing i'd like to mention though is how difficult the game has become for newcomers since the release of Naxx and GVG. I think blizzard should do something about this. Besides that, h...

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