Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland

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    Released on June 28, 2011, For the Motherland is the second expansion pack for Hearts of Iron 3.

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    For the Motherland will be the Second expansion pack for Hearts of Iron 3. As the name suggests there will be an emphasis on improving the Soviet Union in particular the German-Soviet front during the war. There will also be an aim to improve the engine and work on improving or fixing game mechanics already present.

    Historically the game will improve on the decisions mechanic with ideas such as the undeclared war in the Atlantic available for execution for countries such as Germany and the UK. There will be a vast increase in the number of decisions to better allow the historical events of the war be carried out by the player if they so choose to do so such as an initial improvement to German attack against the Soviet Union followed by the opposite once Winter kicks in.

    The Engine will receive improvements primarily with an attempt to make the game the first Paradox game to feature multicore. This will allow the AI to work on two cores and therefore allow more improvements and more speed overall for the game. It is yet to be announced if the game will feature the graphic improvements of previous titles such as Victoria 2 or Divine Wind. A Theatre interface will also be added allowed a player far greater ability to work with there theatres, give them more info and better prepare them for war.

    The Political Improvement will feature a mass overhaul in an attempt to improve it with features from Victoria 2 potentially being ported over. The ability to Coup a nation is being reworked and if successfully this will have far greater ramifications than before. As well as features from Hearts of Iron 2 such as the ability to see other countries cabinet.

    Wargoals will be introduced to allow nations such as Finland to join the Axis against the Soviet Union in an attempt to get back land lost in the Winter War rather than have them join the Allies as they would do previously due to the fact they are a democratic government. This is a far more historical situation that is rarely ever achieved in the vanilla title. And this can be adapted for other nations if they seek to reclaim lost land.


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