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    A member of the Embryon tribe, Heat is the hothead who wishes he was in charge. His atma Agni specializes in fire / -agi skills.

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    Heat is a member of the Embryon Tribe, and one of the main characters of the Digital Devil Saga games. He is aggressive and seems the least concerned of the main characters about the prospect of turning into a demon.

    Digital Devil Saga

    Heat is one of the first three playable characters in Digital Devil Saga. His element is fire, though his stats make him a better physical fighter. 
    He quickly gains an obsession with Sera and is unable to understand why he can't stop thinking about it. He often appears angry and dismissive of the emotions of others, and takes to the idea of eating enemies with relish. He is liable to acting recklessly if he thinks that Sera may be in danger - at one point, he pretends to betray Serph and participates in a fake fight with him to confuse Mick, later turning on him.

    Digital Devil Saga 2

    Heat returns in Digital Devil Saga 2 as a non-playable character for the majority of the game. When separated from the rest of the Embryon, he becomes involved with Madame Cuvier's plans. After she presumably reveals certain information about his past, he agrees to help her and fight Serph, leading them to fight and Serph to be presumed dead. 
    After Serph is shown his past and has to fight two versions of Varna, "True Agni" shows up to help him. 
    Heat eventually dies after fighting Serph. It has been revealed that their apparent rivalry has carried over from when they were in reality - the original Heat cared greatly for Sera's welfare, while the original Serph was a cold-hearted scientist with far more concern for experiments than anybody else's welfare. He was originally shot by Argilla, largely due to Serph's manipulations.
    In the final area of the game, the Sun, Heat can be recruited back into the player's party at the expense of Roland if certain requirements are met during the game. He will inherit all of Roland's skills if the player recruits him.

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