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Heathcliff: Frantic Foto is a game that challenges players to test their knowledge of the beloved franchise by spotting the difference between a comic and a nearly identical copy of the comic that has been altered in some way. Over 120 different comics exist for fans to sort out. By finishing puzzles, players have the chance to earn high scores that they can compare with friends' high scores to see who has the highest of scores.


Guess wrong and suffer the consequences. Well, okay, there are no consequences.
Guess wrong and suffer the consequences. Well, okay, there are no consequences.

Players are presented with two seemingly identical images. However, close observation will prove that one of these images is not like the other. It is up to the player to determine which changes have been made in order to point them out and move on to the next image. Correctly spotting the differences before the time limit will allow the player to come back to a comic at any time, as well as give them a chance to color the comic in as they see fit, bringing the glory of the old-fashioned Sunday comics page to the Nintendo DS. Incorrectly guessing the differences will force the player to start over and try to spot the differences again. Every ten levels, the game changes things up with a whack-a-mole minigame. Hit the mice with the stylus, not Heathcliff! Htting Heathcliff would be a mistake.

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