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    Heaven Smile

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    A terrorist organization made up of bizarre, humanoid beings who primarily use self-destruction as a weapon. The main enemy in "Killer7."

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     Heaven Smile are humans who have been transformed by Kun Lan's God Hand. Upon transformation they become variations of laughing, living time bombs. Whenever they come in contact with a victim, they self-destruct as they let off an evil high-pitched laugh.
    When combating a Heaven Smile, they are first seen as being invisible. Pressing the R button (Gamecube version) will remove this and allow them to be fought more easily. There are two ways to kill a Heaven Smile; by either shooting them enough times until they die, or hitting a certain weak point.


    Heaven Smiles

    Normal Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: Typical grunt Smile. Walks towards the player and self-destructs unless killed.
    Running Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: Same as the normal smile, only it runs towards the player.
    Another Smile
    Weakness: Glowing weak spot
    Description: Again, like the Normal Smile; only these hang from the ceiling until the player comes close enough to them or they are shot down.
    Micro Smile
    Weak Point: One-shot kill
    Description: A special kind of Smile that flies around a certain area. Killing it awards the player with a large amount of blood. If they are not killed, they explode and fill the room with a non-harmful flash of light. Due to its small size and unpredictability, they are quite the task to kill.
    Camellia Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: This Smile, supposedly an informant for the Killer7, stands in areas where a persona's special ability can be used. If killed, it rewards the player with a large amount of blood. If not, they run away until killed by the player or until they self-destruct. They do not attack the player.
    Ball Smile
    Weak Point: Face with green star
    Description: A ball that rolls toward the player very slowly. It cannot simply be killed by just shooting it over and over. It can only be killed by attacking its weakpoint.
    Screamer Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: These smiles jump out from out of nowhere wearing large backpacks. They are similar to Normal Smiles, but are more fond of attacking in groups.
    Ulmeyda Smile
    Weak Point: Yellow t-shirt
    Description: Unless provoked or found in the direct path of the player, these Smiles are harmless; only running up and down a path until killed by the player. When killed, they give the player a coin that is used only for a capsule machine found in the mission "Cloudman". (They are exclusive to this level)
    Bombhead Smile
    Weak Point: Head / Bomb
    Description: These Smiles walk towards the player with a large explosive device attached to the heads, which open up for the player. If the player shoots the head, they get blood. If they shoot the bomb, the Smile simply explodes.
    Broken Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: These Smiles are attached to a long jetpack/missile that allows they to fly on a crooked path towards the player.
    Protector Smile
    Weak Point: Certain variations of Mask de Smith's grenade launchers
    Description: Armored and enormous, this enemy can only be killed by Mask de Smith. There are three kinds of Protector Smiles; each can only be killed by a certain charged attack. 
    • Protector: Regular shot
    • Protector Z: Charge shot
    • Protector ZZ: 2X Charge shot
    Giant Smile
    Weak Point: Eye
    Description: A stories-tall Smile that, when in unstopped and in range, will simply collapse onto the player. One of the hardest to kill, but exclusive to the "Cloudman" mission.
    Poison Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: This enemy can take an unlimited amount of abuse. When shot to death, it simply gets back up. The only way to defeat it once and for all is to shoot its glowing weak point.
    Mother Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing Abdomen
    Description: Like the Duplicator Smile, which will be mentioned later, this Smile lays eggs that hatch into Normal Smiles. When provoked, it will walk toward the player. They can only be killed by Dan Smith's charged move, the Collateral Shot, when aimed at its glowing belly.
    Roller Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: Like the Ball Smile, but in the form of a Normal Smile. This enemy rolls itself toward the player much faster than a Ball Smile and will not stop until it has reached the player.
    Plant Smile
    Weak Point: Yellow and red weak spot
    Description: Mostly harmless. It only appears in "Alter Ego" and can only be destroyed by Dan, so he can appear in the cutscene that shows immediately after its death.
    Duplicator Smile
    Weak Point: Multiple yellow and red weakspots; can only be destroyed by Dan Smith's Collateral Shot
    Description: A large mass that can take up an entire room, or at least a sizable area. They usually block the player from moving on in the level by covering up a certain item or exit. Like the Mother Smile they lay eggs and can only be destroyed (again) by Dan Smith's Collateral Shot, when aimed at its red and yellow weak points.
    Invincible Smile
    Weak Point: None
    Description: These Smiles cannot be killed. They only appear in the "Smile" chapter as a way to destroy all of the Smith personas except Garcian.

    Queen Smiles

    These Smiles act as sub-bosses for a handful of levels. Sometimes they appear later in the game as common enemies, sometimes they don't.
    Speed Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Descriptions: These Smiles move erratically towards the player, making it hard to aim for its weak spot.
    Phantom Smile
    Weak Point: Enlarged body part
    Description: These Smiles can only be killed by attacking its weak point; an enlarged part on its body. If the player shoots any other part of it, it will suddenly appear in front of the player and explode.
    Backside Smile
    Weak Point: Back
    Description: This hovering smile comes towards the player being able to take all kinds of damage. It can only be killed by hitting its weak spot: which the player gets to by shooting its fin-like cuffs, causing it to spin around and show its weak spot.
    Mythril Smile
    Weak Point: Glowing weak spot
    Description: A Smile clad in heavy armor. Shooting the armor enough times will cause it to fall off, rendering it a Normal Smile.
    Laser Smile
    Weak Point: Head
    Description: A Smile strapped to an upright gurney. If not immediatly shot in its weak point, it will fire a possibly fatal laser beam at the player and will suddenly die.
    Timer Smile
    Weak Point: Acne-like bumps
    Description: This Smile moves slowly towards the player, possibly weighted down by its unfortunate condition. The player must shoot all of its glowing bumps for it to be killed. However, when there is one bump left, it will flail its arms and start running towards the player.
    Galactic Tomahawk Smile
    Weak Point: Head
    Description: This Smile sits in the middle of a room and fires missiles at the player. The player has to shoot down the oncoming missiles and also shoot it enough times to kill it.

    Other Smiles

    Andrei Ulmeyda
    Weak Point: Afro
    Description: After being injected with some blood of the Heaven Smile, Ulmeyda turns into one. He walks uneasily slow towards the player within a ring of ambulances and attacks the player with tentacles. Shooting his afro once puts him out of his misery.
    Weak Point: One-shot kill
    Description: Exclusive to the unlockable "Hopper7" mode. They have the combat traits of a Normal Smile. They are seen wearing Grasshopper hoods, striped shirts, and curly French-like mustaches. They are literally the easiest enemies to kill, only taking one shot in any place before dieing.

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