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    Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Aug 02, 2000

    Thematically based on the infamous cult classic film "Heavy Metal", this third-person-shooter was mostly well-reviewed, but sold poorly, and was quickly forgotten.

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    Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.² (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) is a third-person action game and the first and only video game set in the Heavy Metal universe. The main character, Julie, defends her home world, Eden, from the Gith enemy.

    The game is an early adopter of the id Tech 3 engine and features a dual-wielding mechanic, allowing a pairing of a sword and submachine gun.



    • Green Sword - Forged from the remains of the original Starstrider's blade, this sword is Julie's standard weapon by choice. This sword is powered in part by the crystals placed in the hilt. Your basic one-handed melee weapon.
      • Fire Sword - Stronger than the Green Sword, the Fire Sword can also light enemies on fire. Requires at least one-quarter of Julie's water supply.
      • Electrical Sword - The most powerful single-handed weapon, but requires half of Julie's water supply.
      • Chainsaw Sword - Basically a chainsaw in the shape of a sword. Can be used to both slash and thrust. Ammo: Gasoline
      • FAKK Axe - A huge axe, requires two hands to swing.

    Slings and Shields

    • Sling - The sling is not a powerful weapon, but it can be used for puzzle solving, knocking out Shglieks, knocking health plants off hard-to-reach ledges, distracting enemies, and for hitting buttons at a distance. Ammo: rocks, asteroids, and Gasyerass pods.
    • Electrical Repulsion Shield - A small, round shield that is effective in deflecting light impact attacks.
    • Shell Shield - The large shield will block most enemy attacks, however Julie cannot move while she's using it.


    • Handgun - A standard semi-automatic pistol. Ammo: Bullets
    • Uzi - A fully-automatic machine pistol. Ammo: Bullets
    • Crossbow - Electrical-powered crossbow. Can be charged up for more damage. Ammo: Bolts


    • Thermal Detonators - Timed explosives. Can be combined with volatile materials for a bigger boom.
    • Rocket Launcher - An over-the-shoulder explosive rocket launcher. Ammo: Rocket Shells

    Big Guns

    • Over and Under Attack Shotgun - The top barrel fires plasma, while the button is a grenade launcher. Great at both short and long-range. Ammo: Rockets, Plasma
    • Flame Thrower - Shares ammo with the Chainsaw Sword, but the Flamethrower sets them on fire. Ammo: Gas
    • XP-80 - A chaingun combined with a plasma launcher. A great weapon against hordes of enemies. Ammo: Bullets, Plasma
    • Soul-Sucker - The Soul-Sucker will first drain the life-giving water from a target, then drain the target's life until it dies. Julie acquires it from a dead Soul Harvester. The alternate attack will shoot small water-power bursts that explode on contact. Ammo: Souls, Water

    Creatures of Eden


    • Shgliek - A peaceful, comic relief creature, Julie can also use her sling to knock Shglieks loopy. She can then pick them up and then throw them, which is a good way to feed and/or distract other creatures. Beware: Shglieks don't react well to water.
    • Otto - Otto, a survivor of the Great War, is Eden's local handyman that will supply Julie with weapons during the game.
    • Gruff - Gruff lives in the wilds of Mooagly Swamps. He is an eccentric wizard that holds the key to the secrets of the planet Eden. Julie must find him before Gith does.


    • Vymish - An insect-like creature that attacks in hordes.
    • Grawlix - The Grawlix is found deep within Eden's caves. They can channel natural electrical charges and blend in with their surroundings.
    • Lymphorn - A plant that spits deadly acid thorns at a distance. The best way to combat them is to use your shield and work your way into melee range.
    • Gassyerass - A plant located in the swamp. When threatened, they burst, filling the air with a poisonous toxic gas cloud. From a distance, they can be taken out with the sling.
    • Dark Creeper - Another creature that inhabits the swamp. They can camouflage themselves as rocks or swamp foliage, making them hard to spot. The Dark Creeper will usually first spit acid to stun opponents, then attack with giant jaw-claws.
    • Flesh Binder - Gith's main assault unit. An armless bipedal cyborg that can carry up to five different weapons.
    • Happy Mask - A small creature wearing a smiley mask. Usually found in swarms.
    • Recruiter - A cloaked, propaganda-spouting creature that will not attack unless attacked first. Avoid it if possible.
    • Sucknblaugh Plant - Encountered in the Mooagly Swamps, the Sucknblaugh plant will often be found blocking a narrow path. They can be fed a Shgliek so Julie can pass.
    • Soul Harvester - A dangerous Gith enemy that can suck souls, teleport out of trouble, and regenerate wounds.
    • Ghost - Flying souls that can fly through Julie for damage.

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