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So Heavy Rain is pretty damned good.


  • Great looking, well-developed, interesting characters who are fairly easy to grow attached to.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • Loads of cinematic flair - good use of lighting, camera angles.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • Engaging story.

  • Movement controls can be a little bit wonky.
  • English voice acting isn't always spot on.

I'm finding it hard to come up with a lot to say about Heavy Rain, so I'll be brief.
I can say I've never played anything like it before.
Truth be told there isn't a lot of 'playing' in Heavy Rain.
It really is more like a movie you can interact with.
A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' of sorts, for the modern age.

There are choices to be made and the ramifications aren't always immediately obvious, but they are there and they CAN have a dramatic impact on how the story plays out.
Main characters can die and the story will branch off into another direction to reflect that, which obviously benefits the games replayability though I doubt the game will have quite the same impact in subsequent play throughs, no matter how different the various branches are because just KNOWING who The Origami Killer is would take some of the thrill out of the game.

Heavy Rain isn't going to be for everyone.
It's of a slower, more methodical pace than most games - especially at the beginning.
But there really isn't anything else like it on the market.
It's a unique game and one that personally I found totally engaging from start to bitter end.

If you own a PS3 I'd say you owe it to yourself to at least rent it.

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