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Not Swept Away in the Rain, But Still Fun

The concept of Heavy Rain is great.  The controls are interesting and innovative and the idea of every action counting boggles my mind.  This game took adventure games that I grew up with as a child and brought them into the 21st century.  The story is interesting and it would not be farfetched to see this on a movie screen or on a television series.  The graphics were beautiful and I was constantly impressed by how great everything looked.  I think it has at least the potential for broad appeal, and if it doesn't achieve that it will certainly become a cult classic.  And yet, in a way, I still find myself a bit disappointed. 
Most of the issues I had were in fact minor.  The one factor that really bugged me the most about the game was the voice acting.  Most characters were good, or great even.  But in some instances it was just awful, especially when children were involved.  This often totally ruined immersion in key scenes.   Also, as great as the graphics were, I often felt like I didn't have the camera angle at my disposal to complete often the simple task of walking into another room.  Lastly, it confused me as to why the controls for actions were so good, but, your choice of thoughts or vocal responses were not.  It was often confusing to know exactly what exactly you were choosing to to say or think until after you already pressed the button.   At times this game that I really liked just annoyed me a little bit.
But, overall, these are rather minor issues that probably wouldn't even bother most people even a little.  However, you should be warned, if you're looking for fast paced shooting action, or you're super nit-picky this is not the game for you.  Everyone else though needs to at least give this game a shot.

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