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Heavy Rain Review

This PlayStation 3 exclusive will have you investigating the Origami Killer from four different perspectives. You are charged with trying to save a young boy's life who has been captured by the killer and is slowly drowning as the rain continues to pour. You will take on the part of the grieving dad who will do anything to get his son back, the journalist, the private eye, and the FBI agents. All of these characters have their own information that they will use to try to save the kid.

Graphically this game is beyond stunning. The emotions displayed by the character pulls on your heart strings, and when they get hurt you can almost feel the pain. The different places that you'll be exploring breath of life, its also as if you can step through the TV and you'd find yourself in that specific location. The character design is top notch. From a graphical standpoint, alone, this game is probably one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of getting my hands on. Sure there are some times where there's some texture pop, but what you get to see great outweighs those rare moments.

The voice work on this game goes hand in hand with the graphics. The performances given will emotionally effect you, when they want to. The music also compliments the action that is taking place causing you to tense up or start to panic.

The controls are a bit harder to grasp. You need to know your PS3 controller, the entire thing, all the buttons, to be able to play this game to perfection. If you mess up on some of the on screen button presses don't be surprised if something terrible ends up happening. The one part to the control scheme that I was never really able to get used to was the walking. You held down R2 to make your character walk in a specific direction, if you use the left analog you could change their direction. I felt myself really struggling with certain spots because I was running my character into a wall or into an object.

So you're in a town that rains a lot. Yet another boy has been taken and will die from drowning if he isn't saved first. It is really tough to talk about this game without giving anything away because believe me you don't want to know anything about the story, even though the story that you experience could be completely different than the one I experienced. It all depends on your choices and your ability to hit those key button presses at the right time that will have you playing the entire game with the entire cast. This game is filled with so many twists and turns, and the developers did a good job to only give you the information that was necessary and nothing that would give away the ending, until the very end.

If you have a PS3 you need this game. If you don't and you like games that almost feel like an interactive suspense thriller movie, you might want to invest in this game and a PS3, it is that good. There is almost infinite replayability simply because there's always something that you could have done differently. This game gets a 9.7 out of 10.

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