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    Hector is the third main character in Fire Emblem, and a childhood friend of Eliwood

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    Hector is one of the three main lords in Fire Emblem, and a dear friend of the game's protagonist: Eliwood. He is an extremely talented axe wielder. Hector's parents died of a disease and his older brother, Uther, is the current lord of Ostia.

    Hector is somewhat an infamous character among fans. He is well known for his "brokenness", mainly because he is extremely strong in many ways, sometimes enough to completely overshadow any other character in the game.

    Hector is also the sole protagonist in "Hector's tale", an unlockable series of chapters with an especially raised difficulty.


    "......I'm coming back. I'll take care of Nergal and end his threat to the world. I'll be back... And I'll take the throne. I may not be nearly as dependable as you, Brother, but... Even so, together we'll make Ostia and all Lycia a place of peace." -- Hector, to his brother's empty throne after his death.

    Hector has a very...forward personality. He is also quite nationalistic, which he expresses throughout the game. He is bold by nature, and his blunt mannerisms are often a source of concern among Lycian nobility. Despite the fact that he turns to violence at the first opportunity, Hector has a not so well hidden kind nature as well. While most of it is shown as concern towards Eliwood, he is also noted to show it towards his knights and Nils. The tactician will also mention Hector's rare shows of kindness if the player creates one and plays through Hector's tale. He also demonstrates fierce loyalty which again is mostly shown towards Eliwood, but also to Leila and his other servants. Because he is less expressive than Eliwood, he only grieves for his older brother briefly and refused to cry.


    Fire Emblem

    Role in Lyn's Tale

    Hector briefly appears in one of the houses in chapter seven, "Siblings Abroad." If any character visits him, he will just wonder why Eliwood is late out loud. If Serra visits him, she will find an empty house. Bored, she will leave, and Hector will come out of hiding and sigh in relief that she's gone. If Matthew visits him, he will ask why Lord Hector is here. Hector will explain that he is here because of his monthly bout with Eliwood and then ask why Matthew's here. The thief will explain Lord Uther's concern over the succession issue in Caelin and what his position is on the matter. Matthew will then leave with the request that Hector tell his older brother that his return will be delayed, much to the lord's annoyance.

    Role in Eliwood/Hector's Tale

    In Hector's Tale, he is first seen attempting to escape his castle without his older brother finding out. Of course, his friend and older brother's spy, Matthew, catches him in the act. As Hector goes about leaving with Matthew's newfound support, they are attacked by cloaked assassins who later turn out to be hired by the nefarious Black Fang. Hector succeeds in defeating them and leaves to aid his friend with Matthew in tow if the player was careful. Uther is notified of Hector's absence by Oswin, but is thoroughly unsurprised by the event. Instead, he orders Oswin to follow Hector and help his younger brother in his journey. As Oswin goes to protect Hector, the cleric, Serra, follows as well.

    He is then seen going into battle once he sees Eliwood on the other side of a large group of bandits. Of course, by this time, Oswin and Serra have caught up to him. Depending on the story, Matthew and Serra can either join in the fray or have to stay back. Eliwood will ask him what he's doing when Lord Uther probably needs his only family's support in his succession. Hector brushes it off since Uther is his older brother and as such is not so weak as to need him. Eliwood realizes that he does not have much choice in the matter and accepts Hector's help. Later on in the story, they will face Erik of Laus. Despite being an old classmate of theirs, Erik shows no hesitation in fighting Eliwood who wants only to talk things out. Hector, of course, shows no hesitation either when cutting him down.

    After his defeat, they rest in the castle they captured and are attacked by a mercenary group loyal to Laus. Hector's suspicions of a bigger enemy than they know rise. They eventually find Lyndis again, and Eliwood will introduce her to them. This leads to several quarrels between the Sacaen and the Ostian which confuses Eliwood since he thinks they're supposed to be friends. They meet Leila, an Ostian spy and friend of both Hector and Matthew, who tells them about the Black Fang and to seek out the Dread Isle. They leave to the location she spoke of and find Ninian adrift. When they arrive, they find Leila's corpse. As Matthew goes to bury her, Hector is at a loss. If certain conditions are met, Ninian will somehow get lost and the group will be attacked by Teodor after he tells them what it means to study dark magic and want power. This conversation will reflect Nergal's goal.

    Afterwards, they will find Eliwood's father, yes, but after being fatally wounded by Nergal, the lord will die in his son's arms. As they try to figure out where to go from here back in Badon, they are attacked again. Later on in the story, when Eliwood must find the Fire Emblem to get Queen Hellene of Bern to listen to them, Hector takes it upon himself to find information on the item's whereabouts. They find themselves in a marsh with rundown buildings, and are again attacked by members of the Black Fang. Since the Fire Emblem is nowhere to be found, they only conclude the information was a trap. Disappointed, but not discouraged, they continue on to the palace where the item is sure to reside. As they go to retrieve the item, Prince Zephiel is about to be assassinated. At Eliwood's insistence to rescue him, they do so and recruit Nino and Jaffar from the Black Fang.

    Jaffar killed Leila, and Hector does not want this man to join their ranks. Fortunately, Eliwood believes Jaffar won't do anything to betray them since he acts so differently around Nino and believes that not all the members of the Black Fang are evil, so Hector has no choice but to accept his friend's decision. When Jaffar and Nino go to find Sonia, Hector's feelings haven't changed as he wants the man to live and suffer for what he's done. After Sonia's defeat, Hector will talk with Jaffar and threaten to cut him down if he dared to betray Eliwood after the lord has placed his trust in him. Jaffar says nothing, and Hector only assumes that he's still just talking to a heartless killer. Hector eventually gains the legendary axe, the Armads, after a difficult trial. He is then warned that "He who wields the axe will not die peacefully, but in battle" which foreshadows the events in Fuuin no Tsurugi. Hector does take the warning seriously, but if this axe is needed to help Eliwood and destroy Nergal, then he has to accept it.

    Later on in the story, Hector's brother Lord Uther dies of disease. Oswin was given strict orders not to tell him, but the young lord finds out eventually. He feels betrayed that no one in Ostia either seemed to care or trust him to know the truth of his brother's disappearance, but he gets over it. He can't grieve now that they are so close to killing Nergal once and for all. There can be no distractions now. Before they leave the battle preparations, Hector talks to the empty throne his brother once filled and swears that he will make Ostia and Lycia a place of peace. If certain conditions are met, then they will fight Kishuna and question the value of life before they finally face Nergal.

    At the end of the game, in Eliwood's story, Hector will attend Eliwood's ascension ceremony as Marquess of Pherae. If a tactician was not made and Eliwood is with the girl he will marry, then Hector will tease him about how the two got together. If in Hector's story, Eliwood will attend Hector's succession ceremony as Marquess of Ostia. If a tactician was not made and Hector is with the girl he will marry, then Eliwood will either be confused as to how they got together or tease Hector about it. If a tactician is made in Hector's story and Hector is with the girl he will marry, then he will mention that if they have a boy, he will name him Uther, after his brother. Then he'd pit his son against Eliwood's to see who was better. Hector can marry Lyndis, Florina, or Farina depending on supports.

    Three years later, Hector will meet with Eliwood again. They talk about their concerns over Bern and introduce their children to each other. As his daughter runs off to play with Eliwood's son, the two pray they are wrong about the ominous feeling they've got.

    Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi

    Hector also appears in Fūin no Tsurugi, albeit only briefly before he dies from injuries sustained in battle against the Bern army, although it is rumored that he died of the same illness as his brother. Hector is the father of the character Lilina.

    Military Affiliation

    In Lyn's story, Matthew explains that Lord Uther will back Lyn's claim to the Caelin Throne. Eliwood also supports Lyn as best he can. With his older brother and best friend supporting Lyn, it is very likely that Hector would have been on Lyn's side as well.

    In Eliwood/Hector's story, Eliwood is his best friend. There is absolutely zero chance that Hector will join the other side.


    Hector has a total of 7 supports: Eliwood, Lyn, Oswin, Matthew, Florina, Serra, and Farina.

    For his conversation with Eliwood, please check Eliwood's page under the header "Supports." It should be the first paragraph.

    For his conversation with Lyn, please check Lyn's page under the header "Supports." It should be the first thick paragraph.

    In his conversation with Oswin, Hector is bothered by Oswin's frequent haunting of him. The knight responds that it is his duty to protect him as a knight which only makes Hector complain more about the strangeness of it. When next they meet, Oswin remarks on Hector's form when the lord trains. When the knight asks where Hector learns to fight, the lord brags about how he used to sneak off from classes when he was younger to fight in the ring. Realizing his slip-up, Hector also confesses that he had to threaten the teachers and asks Oswin not to tell Uther about it. Oswin scolds him, but before he gets too far, Hector asks him again to not tell his brother. They work out an arrangement where Hector promises not to go to the ring again if Oswin doesn't tell. Hector then realizes that he's been had. When next they meet, Hector attempts to apologize for being a burden, but Oswin dismisses it. Hector may be coarse and blunt for a noble, but he is also straightforward and true. Hector then remarks that maybe Oswin is an old man. Being in his thirties, the knight would have been offended if he had heard.

    In his conversation with Matthew, the thief is eager to help his lord with anything he asks which makes Hector uncomfortable. In his attempts to help, however, he may have overpacked Hector's bag with excessive supplies that makes it hard to carry when they're in battle. Hector sighs and leaves the thief yelling after him. When next they meet, Matthew offers to walk with him. Hector tries to convince him that he is a spy and should be doing things in the background instead of getting into the thick of it. Matthew brushes it off. He may be a spy, but he has a sword, after all. When next they meet, Matthew is at his side once again. Hector can make no argument against Matthew's efforts to serve him by fighting alongside him instead of doing what spies do. Instead, Hector decides that maybe they should have a spar since Matthew's going to be fighting more often. Hector perseveres in pushing the offer despite Matthew's protest that his lord's axe would send him flying in one hit.

    In his conversation with Florina, Hector hears an unknown voice muttering. Seeing no one, he leaves. Florina then steps out in disappointment. When they actually do meet, Florina practices trying to talk to Hector. In her efforts to gain confidence, she yells his name a bit too loudly and gets Hector's attention. As Hector tries to recognize who she is and where he met her, she panics and runs away. When next they meet, Hector is being dragged by Florina's pegasus. He is about to retaliate when Florina asks him not to hurt Huey. Hector is surprised that she can talk after all. She thanks him for saving her in Laus, and he says that he doesn't remember. He was lying, of course, and then offers to protect her in battle since she seems to get into trouble a lot. Florina starts to cry, and Hector asks her not to do that.

    In his conversation with Serra, the cleric demands that he thank her for following him into battle. Hector says he's not going to thank her for disobeying orders, so she says that he should be more understanding since she is the only Sister in the army. Hector then comtemplates how well a replacement will do instead of her. When next they meet, Hector asks her if anyone could still use a staff of St. Elimine even if they lack faith. She scolds him for making fun of her and says that he should be more respectful since she's of noble birth. This is the first he's heard of it, so Hector asks who her family was. She's not sure since she was put in an abbey when she was a child, and there was political turmoil. When next they meet, Hector asks more about the abbey Serra lived in. There's only one in Ostia, rebuilt after Uther became Marquess. Serra, believing that Hector is going to deny her claim, vehemently shouts that she must have come from Etruria's noble family, but can't visit them because of political turmoil. She starts to cry, and Hector tells her that no one denies her claim, but at the very least, she does have a family. She can always turn to him, Oswin, and Matthew.

    In his conversation with Farina, Hector asks her about her payment. Ilian mercenaries are paid based on ability, so Farina should be worth about 2,000. Farina denies that saying that she is double the amount. Hector then demands why she made him pay ten times the amount for her services. She attempts to stretch out the reason on how long her services were needed and food for her pegasus, but Hector won't have any of that. When next they meet, Farina is battling herself to the point of exhaustion, and Hector attempts to convince her to rest. Farina then accuses him of just wanting his money back, treating mercenaries like objects, and possibly hiring her so that he could have her and her sisters. She flies off in her upset rage, and Hector thinks she's got a screw loose. When next they meet, Farina collapses from exhaustion. Hector helps her rest, but when she is conscious again, she accuses him again of the things in their previous exchange. Hector has had enough at this point and demands that she rest. When he tells her that he can't leave someone who looks like they're going to drop dead any second, she can only concede.


    In Lyn's story, Hector is most likely a lord even if his data is not viewable. He isn't a playable character, and there are no Heaven seals, so he cannot promote.

    In Eliwood's story, Hector starts off as a level one lord. He can promote to the second and final tier Great Lord when the player receives a Heaven Seal in chapters 24 and 26 when he is level ten or higher. It is recommended that he be level twenty.

    In Hector's story, Hector starts off as a level one lord. He can only promote at the end of chapter 29. He will then be able to use swords at D rank. Unfortunately, his movement does not improve, but this makes him a good candidate for the Boots item.

    When Hector wields the Armads, he uses his left hand. When he uses any other axe, Hector will use his right hand. When Hector does a critical hit with Armads, he will land with the axe in his right hand. Hector has a unique attack animation when he is a Great Lord and wields Armads. He also has a unique song that plays during the animation. However, if Hector is not promoted and wields Armads, he does not get a unique attack animation, but the unique song will still play. So far, Hector is the only lord in the franchise who not only primarily uses axes, but can use them before promotion.

    In Fuuin no Tsurugi, Hector starts off as a level twenty General. He is a second and final tier at the highest possible level, and as such has reached his "ceiling."

    Unit Data

    Fire Emblem

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: Lord
    • Affinity: Thunder
    • HP: 19
    • Strength/Magic: 7
    • Skill: 4
    • Speed: 5
    • Luck: 3
    • Defense: 8
    • Resistance: 0
    • Constitution: 13
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Axes - C

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 90%
    • Strength/Magic: 60%
    • Skill: 45%
    • Speed: 35%
    • Luck: 30%
    • Defense: 50%
    • Resistance: 25%

    Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi

    After clearing the game three times, Hector becomes playable in trial maps.

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: General
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Thunder)
    • HP: 43
    • Strength/Magic: 18
    • Skill: 20
    • Speed: 10
    • Luck: 15
    • Defense: 30
    • Resistance: 15
    • Constitution: 20
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Lances - A, Axes - A


    In Fire Emblem, Hector has 4 possible endings. They are as follow:

    • Hector - General of Ostia: Hector returned to Ostia and became her marquess. His bond of friendship with Eliwood remained eternally strong.
    • Hector/Lyn: Hector succeeded his brother as the marquess of Ostia, but the pain of his brother's death weighed heavily on him. His beloved Lyn gave him comfort and helped him become an enlightened leader.
    • Hector/Florina: Hector succeeded his brother as the marquess of Ostia, but the pain of his brother's death weighed heavily on him. His beloved Florina gave him comfort and helped him become an enlightened leader.
    • Hector/Farina: Hector succeeded his brother as the marquess of Ostia, but the pain of his brother's death weighed heavily on him. His beloved Farina gave him comfort and helped him become an enlightened leader.

    Strange, Hector's paired endings appear to be identical.

    Other appearances

    Hector has a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. His sticker adds 27 points offense to slash attacks in the Subspace Emissary. He is usable to every character. The image is that of his stance in his official art.


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