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    Heishiro Mitsurugi

    Character » appears in 16 games

    Heishiro Mitsurugi is a wandering samurai determined to prove that he is the greatest swordsman in the world. Due to his aggressive, arrogant demeanor he is often tempted by Soul Edge.

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    Mitsurugi is a samurai warrior that has appeared in every iteration of the Soul Calibur series. As a samurai his fighting style revolves around the katana. Mitsurugi is based on, the real life swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. He is one of, if not the most recognizable character in the Soul Calibur roster.

    As a child, Mitsurugi was a son of a farmer. All throughout his young life he watched his country ravaged by war and bandits. This is what inspired him to take on the way of the sword.

    He trained for years under the guidance of the Murakami Clan. Soon, word of his skill spread all across the land. When his training period came to an end Mitsurugi had numerous offers from the military. He choose to turn these down in favor of being a hired mercenary. He will purposefully choose offers from losing sides because he wants a greater challenge.

    During his travels, Mitsurugi heard rumors of a new weapon called a rifle. Initially he dismissed it as a novelty. Then he heard stories of its destructive power. This drove to seek out the Soul Edge in an effort to overcome the rifle. He was unable to find Soul Edge, however, but having beaten so many warriors also in search of the mighty blade, he challenged a rifleman to a duel. He was shot in the shoulder, leaving a large scar, yet still managed to get close enough to defeat the gunman. Having beaten the rifle, Mitsurugi now searches for the Soul Edge again, this time not as a means to better the rifle, but to find a someone who can challenge him in combat.

    Soul Edge Ending

    With great wrath and anger, Mitsurugi slayed the great power. Thus ended his journey...or it ought to have. Though with Soul Edge in hand there was disappointment in his eyes. For surely this must be a strong & worthy sword...but something is not right. He looked to the bright blade for the answer. Pointing the blade to heavens he brought it down with one slash. In disgust he turned his back away. "This could not be the sword I seek! It is not the sword of legends! This sword is evil! For this I cannot take this sword!" In the last years of the Warring States Period, Mitsurugi found new determination to continue his search. The people are full of stories about a weapon more powerful than the rifle.


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