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    Hei$t would have starred Johnny, leader of a group of renegade criminals who all share the same ultimate goal of robbing the U.S. Mint by pulling off progressively bigger bank jobs in order to acquire the equipment and experience necessary for such a task. It was cancelled before release.

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    Not to be confused with Payday: The Heist , a videogame which was actually released.
    The year is 1969, and you and your gang of criminals are after one building, and the biggest heist in history: The U.S. Mint. Focusing on the robbing of various banks and other establishments throughout San Francisco, Hei$t is an action game set around three robbers and their quest for bigger stacks of cash. The player will get better tools to pull off larger heists as the game progresses, and can also rob armored money trucks, bars, restaurants, strip clubs, and other various locations/vehicles.


    After almost two years of silence regarding the state of the game, Codemasters announced on January 28th 2010 that the game had been terminated. Codemasters stated that they were focusing on "high quality titles".


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