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    Helena Douglas

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    Helena is a mixed-French opera singer and fighter in the Dead Or Alive games. She uses the Pi Qua Quan fighting style.

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    The illegitimate daughter of Fame Douglas and a world-class opera singer named Maria. Helena would grow up to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a famous opera singer as well.

    She premiered in Dead or Alive 2 and her general storyline in the series is tied directly to the organization behind the tournament, DOATEC. Kokoro is her half-sister. She also regularly appears in the Beach Volleyball spin-off games.

    Personality-wise, Helena is an aristocrat, haughty, and generally obsessed with finding her mother's killer. However, she is shown to be a forgiving character in Dead or Alive 4, in spite of her parents' murders. Gameplay-wise, she is a quick character in her Bokuho stance and has varying attack ranges, but is a weak character. Her throws are some of the quickest in the game.

    Her Japanese voice actress in DOA2 was Yuka Koyama; in English, she was voiced by Zoe Galvez for DOA2, and later by Karen Strassman from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 to the present.


    Helena Douglas originally enters the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship after an attempt on her life. While performing at the Great Opera House, a sniper targets her and Helena is saved by her mother, who takes the bullet for her. Determined to find out the identity of the assassin, she sets out looking for information.

    During the second DOATEC Tournament she encounters Ayane and asks her if she is her mother's assassin. Ayane neither confirms nor denies this and the duo fight with Helena advancing. Helena then encounters Ein (an amnesic Hayate) and uses the information she's gleamed about the Epsilon Project against him. Unfortunately Ein defeats her and continues on to win the tournement and remember who he truly is.

    In Dead or Alive 3, she is captured by Donovan and challenged to enter the tournament to gain her freedom and learn the truth behind DOATEC, the company her father was a chairman of. Assigning Christie to keep an eye on her, Helena eventually encounters Christie and gets her to admit that she was the assassin sent to kill her.

    Defeating her and winning the tournament, Helena takes control of DOATEC in Dead or Alive 4, where she again enters the tournament (as an unlockable character). Trying to gain control of the company that is producing a new model of Kasumi clone called Alpha-152, she battles the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, but Kasumi specifically, who is saved by Ryu Hayabusa. After Helena's defeat at the hands of Kasumi, Christie confronts Helena and reveals she killed her mother in the first place. Helena sets DOATEC headquarters on self-destruct, as Christie makes her escape. Haunted by continuing flashbacks of her mother's death, she goes to the helipad at the top of the three-towered DOATEC complex, only to await her death by the flames of the burning buildings. It is here that Zack saves her life in a helicopter. She wins the fourth tournament, but ends up giving the title to Zack.

    In the two-year span between the fourth tournament and Dead or Alive 5, Helena rebuilds DOATEC and announces a fifth tournament. Zack, now an employee of hers, travels around the around to gather the strongest fighters to compete. Through some machinations, Helena discovers Donovan's new organization MIST already existed within DOATEC without her knowledge and that he is close to creating soldiers with ninja fighting abilities and distributing these soldiers to countries with powerful armies. Because of her position in DOATEC, Helena cannot confront Donovan and instead lets Hayate, Ayane, and Ryu infiltrate the oil rig where Donovan's lab is hidden. With the destruction of the lab, both Helena and Kasumi vow to defeat Donovan once and for all.


    • Age: 21
    • Height: 170 cm/5'7"
    • Weight: 49 kg/108 lbs.
    • Measurements: B 90 W 56 H 86 cm / B 35" W22" H34"
    • Likes: Blanc Manger, Iced Tea
    • Hobbies: Walking Her Dog

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