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    Home world of the Helghast, the enemies in the Killzone series.

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    The planet Helghan is a cruel and unforgiving world which long served as a chemical and mineral depot for the planetary governments of the ISA.

    After leaving the planet of Vekta, those loyal to the Helghan administration sought to tame the harsh conditions of this planet and make it their new home. Illness and starvation claimed many lives in the refugee camps of the initial colonization. Ten years passed before the people of Helghan finally adapted to their surroundings, producing the specialized breathing apparatus and goggles that have become the trademark of the Helghast. The colonists of Helghan also managed to create the social and economic infrastructure which resulted in the start of industry and food production, as well as the formation of a military that would later return to Vekta as invaders during the events of Killzone. Working under the leadership of Scholar Visari, the Helghast forces attacked Vekta with overwhelming forces, causing untold destruction and nearly conquering the planet. The Helghast forces were eventually beaten back, due in no small part to the efforts of ISA trooper Jan Templar and his team, and withdrew to defend their homeworld from the ISA counterattack led by the same man.

    Helghan is the main setting of Killzone 2. Its urban areas are composed largely of decaying slums and large, ominous buildings, with numerous factories and industrial zones. Most of the population is under arms, and the Helghast have even produced a weapon that harnesses the power of the constant electrical storms in the skies of Helghan. The planet is ruled by the Emperor Visari, whose capture and prosecution is the objective of the invading ISA forces during the events of Killzone 2.


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