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A Dead Rabbit that has a lot of life

OK so first of try to ignore that fact that SEGA is on the box. This is game is a fantastic experience that had me laughing out loud at the crazy shit that was constantly happening. To try and break it down this game is a platformer in a sense but you u also get crazy weapons, fight crazy monsters and generally do crazy shit! What could be so crazy you ask!? Well how about fighting a monster that is a turd with a chainsaw on its head.....ALSO if you check the description when you kill it you find out he had that done by a plastic surgeon cause he asked for it......honestly.

The weapons range from rockets, machine guns and grenade launchers. One thing that really stood out was the fact that this game looks like how I remember all my old games to look when I think back at how amazing they were at the time but then aren't when you go back to them today. This game slaps that thought to the side as its JAM PACKED full of lush art with such a awesome art style its a joy to be hold.

After watching the quick look (which I urge you to do if you haven't already) I knew I had to try it and after getting the trial and having my first boss fight I was instantly hooked. The controls are snappy so you know if you die it was your fault.

I originally got this title thinking it would be good to kill time in between my other full retail games but this little arcade title has just taken over. This review is meant to be brief as hell (no pun intended) cause its Friday night and Ive got work in 6hrs so you know what..... Just check the game out already and get set for a ton of fun.

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