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The Hellbat is designed to deal with massive amounts of Light-type units, such as Zealots and Zerglings, standing at the front lines with it's relatively short-range flame attack. The Hellbat can transform into a Hellion (and vice versa) if upgraded from a tech lab on a Factory.

The Hellbat saw a lot of change in the later stages of the beta. Its overall damage and damage against Light units was increased, whilst its splash radius was decreased. It quickly became very popular to quick Hellbat Drops, where players would build four Hellbats and a medivac and then drop the opponent's mineral line. Since all types of workers in the game are Light, players were able to eliminate whole mineral lines within seconds with this tactic. This was soon patched so that only two hellbats could fit into a single medivac, taking some of the punch out of this strategy.

A short while after, players would try to quickly get out a large amount of Hellions, run them over to the opposing base and transform them into Hellbats once there. This too, was very powerful, and made the Hellbats get patched once more, adding the Transformation Servos upgrade, which meant that the transformation between Hellion and Hellbat (and vice versa) require an upgrade.


TypeGround Units

100 minerals

Build time30 seconds
AttributesBiological, Light
Ground Attack18 (+1)
Bonus+12 vs Light
Build hotkeyR
Movement speed2.25
Cargo Size4


Morph to Hellion ModeETransforms the Hellbat into its Hellion form. Requires Armory. Takes 4 seconds.

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