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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 31, 1996

    The sequel to Terminal Reality's earlier space combat game Fury3, putting players into a new prototype non-inertial spacecraft known as the "Hellbender"!

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    Hellbender (sometimes known as Microsoft Hellbender) is a sci-fi flight combat game developed by Terminal Reality and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows PCs on August 31, 1996.

    The sequel to Microsoft Fury3, Hellbender has players piloting a new prototype spacecraft known as the "Hellbender" (which has no inertia, thus making the game more similar to the Descent series). The ship includes an onboard AI assistant guiding the player, known as EVE (voiced by actress Gillian Anderson).

    The game is set six years after the events of Fury3, where the player "Councilor" severely weakened the efforts of the ruthless alien race known as the Bions by destroying their outpost. In retaliation, the Bions destroy the Fighter Academy on Sebek (killing all of the Coalition's qualified pilots except one: the player Councilor). With the rest of the Bion forces approaching civilian planets, it's up to the player Councilor to weaken the Bion forces and take out its leadership.


    The game includes 23 missions split into 8 stages (each stage on a different planet).

    • Morbos (Counterstike)
    • Eyrie (Savior)
    • Iowah (Protector) - This is used for the game's demo.
    • Kresh (Pinpoint)
    • Chimera (Steel Forge)
    • Tricerius Asteroid Belt (Heavy Metal)
    • Snow City (Freedom)
    • Shiva (Dagger's Heart)

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