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Hellboy can't walk through fire, even though he's Hellboy.

Towards the end of the first chapter, of Hellboy: The Science of Evil, there is a moment when your progress is blocked by a barrier of fire. Yes that's right, Hellboy's progress is blocked by fire. Er, he's Hellboy. Fire does not hurt Hellboy. This is because, Hellboy is, you know, he's from hell. The clue is in the name. This alone sums up the level of incompetancy on display here. This is a cheap cash in on a great comic and movie series that offers nothing but repetition and annoyance. The God of War/Devil May cry combo system is rendered useless by horribly laggy controls and poor hit detection; you're better off just spamming the ground attack move the entire time. If you want, you can be bored and annoyed with a fellow masochist in online co-op, but honestly, you wouldn't want to.

The one hope for a saving grace is that Ron Perlman occasionally pops up to give a voice to the ugly Hellboy model (which sits in a weird halfway house between the comic and the movie), but even his presence isn't enough to make this game remotely tolerable to anyone that's played an even halfway decent character action game before.

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