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This Flash Game turned Wii Game is Now Here! The Game isn't as intricate as cooking mama and is more centred around timing and customer care, and is a management game where you have to seat customers before they become angry, take their orders, cook and serve their food before they and Gordon becomes infuriated. At the end of each dinner service you are awarded a grade on a scale of 5 stars one being the worst five being the best.

Censorship: unfortunately the game is rated a 12 by PEGI and is bleeped over or just features not swearing in anyway, probably an attempt by Ubisoft to make it more appealing to wider audiences unfortunately i think it is this which could ruin it as we all only watch Gordon Ramsay for his wild and colourful tantrums.

The game gets progressiveley harder and it becomes more and more complicated to manage, customers, cooking and serving and getting the timing just right.

In addition to the Game itself the recipes of the food you cook can be imported from the game so that you can prepare them yourself similar to the game cooking guide.

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