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    Henry Cooldown

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    A mysterious stranger from No More Heroes; he wields a beam katana and has an Irish Accent.

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    No More Heroes

    Henry is only seen twice in No More Heroes, both times in humorous cutscences. The first time, roughly mid-way through the game, he kills Letz Shake before Travis can fight him (or even see what the huge build up for the huge machine Letz Shake rides in on was for.) It's never explained why he does this. His only other appearance is in the "real ending" option chosen after beating the final boss, in which Henry explains that Silvia is Henry's wife and that he is Travis' twin brother. Travis fights him and afterwards a cutscene is shown with them leaping at each other, holding their Beam Katanas, and the image of the two changes to a painting and the credits roll, leaving enough questions unanswered to warrant the "too bad there won't be a sequel" comment from Silvia after they finish rolling.

    Note: To see the "real ending", players must finish the game with all Beam Katanas unlocked.

    Like Travis, Henry wields a beam katana. His resembles an Scottish-style claymore, contrasting to Travis's katana-like saber.

    No More Heroes 2

    Henry appears roughly halfway through No More Heroes 2. He is frozen in carbonite by the revived Dr. Letz Shake, and after Travis defeats the brain doctor, Henry is left on Travis' bed to thaw. While he thaws, Henry has a fever dream where he fights an anime girl in his psych named Mimmy. Defeating Mimmy in his dream, Henry leaves Travis' apartment and defeats a few assassins in Travis' name.


    • Despite apparently being Travis' twin brother, he is apparently from Ireland.
    • He was married to Sylvia for ten years- however, her age was listed as being 24 in No More Heroes, meaning he would've married a fourteen year old.
    • His appearance is based off of the late Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, a band that Suda51 is a fan of. A later game by Suda, Shadows of the Damned, would also reference Joy Division.

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