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    Henry Townshend

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    Henry Townshend is the protagonist of Silent Hill 4: The Room. He finds himself trapped in his apartment, and travels to Silent Hill through a mysterious hole in his bathroom wall.

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    Henry Townshend is somewhat of a quiet soul, shy and introverted in personality. This is emphasized as he doesn't speak much, and is more of a listener. Henry's shyness and occasionally awkward behavior may indicate that he is somewhat of a hermit. No mention is made of any friends or family throughout the game, and even his neighbors only know him in passing. Henry's confrontation with Walter Sullivan forces him into a situation where he must change (and leave the apartment), or die. 

    He is a keen and adept photographer, proven by the many scenic pictures that hang on the walls which he himself shot. He has an eye for natural beauty that goes beyond the superficial as he once remarks, "This is a photo of the church I ran across while I was visiting Silent Hill. For some reason I was really attracted by the way it looked, so I took the picture." Also, his desk has several books, a scrapbook and pen, and a leather portfolio. Henry mentions he has always had a habit of collecting scraps of information, organized in this scrapbook, containing various magazine, book, and newspaper clippings.

    Henry makes several comments about visiting Old Silent Hill several times as both a child and adult before moving into the room, and has taken several scenic photographs which he proudly displays throughout his apartment. The photos serve as reminders of past Silent Hill games. Two in particular depict the Balkan Church and the old lighthouse, both landmarks of Silent Hill 1. Henry even makes a comment about the lighthouse picture saying that "There was even a rumor that a UFO came flying right by the lighthouse." This is a subtle reference to the UFO endings of the three previous games.

    There is a car magazine that is on his coffee table, entitled 'Bikkuri Cars'. Henry is also a collector of books, mainly "cheap novels", yet for the two years he has been living in South Ashfield hasn't read any of them or even touched them. Henry also comments on his high school life as being unmemorable at one point in the game. This may suggest that Henry was also a loner throughout school, as well as the present.

    Henry shows remarkable altruism throughout the game: he is constantly trying to help the people he meets, regardless of his own situation. When meeting Joseph Schreiber, he instinctively keeps Eileen Galvin behind him until the man leaves.

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