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    Herdy Gerdy

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 04, 2002

    From the creative minds behind the original Tomb Raider games comes this innovative fantasy herd-'em-up/platformer/puzzler.

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    Herdy Gerdy is a game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive.  It was released in March 2002 for the Playstation 2
    The player controls Gerdy, the son of Master Herder Gedryn, as he herds various animals and solves puzzles.  Gerdy quickly discovers that his father has been placed under a sleeping spell by an evil wizard names Sadorf.  Gerdy becomes determined to save the island he calls home. 


    Gerdy, being the son of a Master Herder, is an apprentice Herder.  Throughout the course of the game, he herds various creatures into their respective pens to progress to the next area.  The creatures have different reactions to Gerdy and his arsenal of herding tools.  Gerdy can collect new items to improve and expand his abilities. 
    There are twelve types of fictional creatures for Gerdy to herd: 
    • Doops: These are the most basic creatures that Gerdy is able to herd. Gerdy is able to run behind them to maneuver them into their pens. They are able to fall any height as long as there is water to break their fall. However, they are unable to swim so they simply float downstream. These creatures are attracted to the Herder's stick.
    • Bleeps: These creatures look like purple flying koala bears. They are able to fall any height, but they are unable to swim at all so they drown in water. These creatures are attracted to the Herder's stick, as well as the flute.
    • Blurps: These creatures ignore Gerdy and most of his instruments. However, they are afraid of the Elven Horn, and will crawl up into a ball when one is used. In this condition, Gerdy is able to kick the Blurps into their pens.
    • Gromps: These creatures will give chase to Gerdy. The Elven Horn and the Herder's Stick aggravates the Gromps and they will try to destroy the item. They also dislike eachother, so if they run into eachother, they will be stunned for around 15 seconds.
    • Grimps: These creatures are little and black. They tend to eat most of the other creatures, and they will chase Gerdy unless he plays the Flute. The Elven Horn can be used to temporarily stun these creatures.
    • Honks: These creatures will follow Gerdy if he plays the Flute. They will gather around Gerdy if he plays the Elven Horn.
    • Honklings: These creatures are the babies of the Honks. Like the Honks, they will follow Gerdy if he plays the Flute, but only if there is one adult Honk among the followers. These creatures start in egg form, and must be hatched by an adult Honk.
    • Glooters: These creatures only appear once in Foxtown. They follow Gerdy when he plays the Flute.
    • Ants: These creatures only appear once in the Gorge. Gerdy must play his flute near a 'music ant' before the normal ants will follow him. The normal ants have a tendency to attack the other creatures.
    Each will react differently to Herdy.  Some will run away from him, while others will chase him down.

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