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    Hero Academy

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 11, 2012

    Hero Academy is a turn-based asynchronous multiplayer strategy game. The game is free to download but has in game purchases.

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    Hero Academy is a two player asynchronous tile based strategy game made by Robot Entertainment for iOS and PC via Steam. The game is set in a light-hearted fantasy world where humans, dark elves, dwarves and orcs meet up to fight on the academy playfields.


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    Each game takes place on a nine by five square board where the teams start on opposite sides. Each turn consists of five action points players can spend on placing and moving characters, buffing them up and attacking. Each character can take and dish out varying amounts of damage, and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    The goal of the game is to either kill all your opponents characters or break their Crystals. There are either one or two crystals per team depending on which board you´re randomly assigned, and the crystals take a considerable amount of damage.

    The bar at the bottom of the screen fills up with new characters and items between turns until the players “academy” is empty, represented by the number over the door in the bottom left corner. The board contains special tiles that grant either extra damage or defense to characters standing on them. One special tile also doubles damage to crystals whenever your team is occupying it.

    In App Purchases

    The game is free to download ($5 on Steam) and The Council is included, while Dark Elves, Dwarves and The Tribe can be bought for $2 each on iOS and $5 each on Steam which includes custom avatars for the team. The Team Fortress 2 team is unlocked when game is purchased for Steam, and accounts can be synced between platforms to make the TF2 team playable on iOS as well. Custom team colors and avatar pictures are also available for purchase in the iOS version, but these are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay. The teams are also balanced in a way that does not favor the paid teams over the free one.


    The Council

    Character ArtNameClassDescription
    2135762-knight_tile_thumb.pngKnightFighterThe knight is a great fighter whose attacks knock enemies one space back.
    2135756-archer_tile_thumb.pngArcherShooterThe Archer does great damage at range but does weak melee attacks.
    2135769-wizard_tile_thumb.pngWizardCasterHe is a powerful spell caster that can damage multiple enemies in one attack.
    2135757-cleric_tile_thumb.pngClericSupportA character who revives and heals the team and can attack at range.
    2135764-ninja_tile_thumb.pngNinjaSuper UnitHe has strong melee attacks and can teleport to allies.

    The Dark Elves

    Character ArtNameClassDescription
    2135768-voidmonk_tile_thumb.pngVoid MonkFighterHe does strong magical attacks that do splash damage.
    2135761-impaler_tile_thumb.pngImpalerShooterHas harpoon that can pull enemies closer.
    2135763-necromancer_tile_thumb.pngNecromancerCasterCan create phantoms from fallen units
    2135766-phantom_tile_thumb.pngPhantomSummonedThe phantom the Necromancer creates
    2135767-priestess_tile_thumb.pngPriestessSupport UnitShe can heal allies and weaken the other teams attacks.
    2135770-wraith_tile_thumb.pngWraithSuper UnitHe can get more health by draining the K.O.'d units.

    The Dwarves

    Character ArtNameClassDescription
    2135765-paladin_tile_thumb.pngPaladinFighterCan heal and revive allies while healing herself.
    2135760-gunner_tile_thumb.pngGunnerShooterCan do high damage to nearby enemies and can do AOE damage at range.
    2135759-grenadier_tile_thumb.pngGrenadierCasterThrows molotovs to do AOE damage but has weak melee attacks.
    2135758-engineer_tile_thumb.pngEngineerSupportCan shield an ally or the crystal.
    2135755-annihilator_tile_thumb.pngAnnihilatorSuper UnitDoes heavy damage with AOE knock back. His direct hit weaken physical defenses.

    The Tribe

    Character ArtNameClassDescription
    2168492-warrior_tile_thumb.pngWarriorFighterCan instantly K.O. any wounded (at or below 50% health) enemy unit. (25% for crystals)
    2168487-axethrower_tile_thumb.pngAxe ThrowerShooterDeals 100 extra damage to enemies above 50% health. (25% for crystals)
    2168493-witch_tile_thumb.pngWitchCasterExplodes fallen heroes at range to damage nearby enemies.
    2168490-shaman_tile_thumb.pngShamanSupportHealer whose healing spells chain through multiple allies, even heroes already at full health.
    2168488-chieftan_tile_thumb.pngChieftainSuper UnitAOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to attack distant enemies.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 300MB
    • Video Card: Graphics: DX11 & DX10 video cards, minimum resolution 1280 x 800
    • DirectX®: 10

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