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It is the newest game by Marti Wong (one of the creators of Little Fighter and Little Fighter 2), and continues to build on the same gameplay as in those games, adding soldiers to fight by your side (or against you), and the ability to ride horses.
 The main menu of Hero Fighter.
 The main menu of Hero Fighter.


It was finished after a year of development in October 2009. The game is a freeware release, available for download at the game's website. With more patches, more characters, maps, modes and other things will be added.
The style of the design is the same as in Little Fighter and Little Fighter 2, but the graphics and level of detail has been spruced up.


This is a brawler where you fight an opponent on different arenas. There is currently no story mode, or other modes, available.

The characters in the game can perform basic attacks, throws and combos. There are also a set of special attacks that can be triggered by pushing a combination of the attack buttons. These special attacks will drain your Mana Points (the blue bar). You can also run to use a charged attack, or to flee from an opponent. By doing so you will drain you Stamina Points (the white bar).
 Ingame footage.  Featuring horsey, Gordon, soldiers and a barely visible Drew.
 Ingame footage.  Featuring horsey, Gordon, soldiers and a barely visible Drew.

You win the game in versus mode when you defeat your enemies by attacking them, and lowering their Health Points to zero (the red bar).

Several large objects (huge rocks, logs) are found around on the map. These can be interacted with, and used either as shields while you charge an opponent, or you can throw them at the opponents for heavy damage.

Additions to the Hero Fighter that was not found in either Little Fighter, nor Little Fighter 2 is the use of horses, and soldiers. You can command a troop of up to 100 soldiers, consisting of infantry with spears, archers with bow and arrows and cavalry with shields and spears riding horses.

Riding the horse will make you harder to damage, and the horse also moves faster than other player. It is however, not as maneuverable as being on foot.  


Currently only versus modes are supported (per 20. April 2009). More modes will come in later releases.

Versus Mode:
You win be defeating all your opponents.
You can fight in a network/online against other players, or set up a match between yourself and the computer.
When you set up the fight you can add several npc's either from the character list, or chose amongst the different soldier classes. 
This way you can set up a team exactly as you want it, and you can practice different tactics.


Before the match you can toggle the difficulty, music, the number of large objects, and how many horses there should be on the map.


Characters available and their weapons (per 20. April 2009): 
Lucas - Sword
Drew - Unarmed
Shawn - Bow And Arrow
Jenny - Spear
Gordon - Axe

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