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Hero of Many is a story-driven puzzle/adventure/maze game. The player plays as a mysterious white sphere of light that seems to have a crucial bond with the white tadpoles that inhabit the waters of the game. Players must navigate the levels of the game, fighting or avoiding the black tadpoles and other threats, such as dragons and massive fish, as necessary.

Hero of Many was made with the Unity engine.


Hero of Many has no dialogue whatsoever, but still has numerous cutscenes displaying various events within the game world. The game seems to be taking place during a period of open genocide by the black tadpoles on the whites. The player must attempt to lead his kind to safety, and even end up meeting and possibly helping a few alternate-colored variants of himself along the way.


Just like its presentation, Hero of Many's gameplay is quite minimalist, focusing on basic exploration, very basic combat, and light physics-based puzzles. All of these actions revolve around the player's maneuvers more than anything else. While the player's allies can be given simple orders to briefly charge in an indicated direction, even the combat generally focuses on the player maneuvering to maintain his allies' formation or just avoid damage while the allied AI does the offensive work automatically. Even when just sitting still though, the Allied AI will generally try to do its best to form a wall between the player and enemies.

How bright the player glows is the game's health indicator. Throughout the levels there are stray balls of light that can be picked up to increase this glow; this has the side effect of seemingly slightly increasing the radius at which allies notice the player. There are also small plants with white specks that can be eaten by allies to make them stronger. They will also sometimes eat the remains of defeated enemies to achieve the same effect.


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