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The game begins with the main character being washed upon shore. The game includes eight unique levels including a variety of environments. There are also three difficulty modes, easy, normal, and heroic. The heroic difficulty mode is unlocked after finishing the game once on any difficulty. Upon starting this difficulty, all upgrades from the previously beaten game are kept in the beginning.


Hero of Sparta takes advantage of an on-screen, touch controlled analogue stick. The game is linear, consisting of little exploration but much action. Throughout the game, story is advanced throught he use of in-game cutscenes. Throughout the game, players obtain several new weapons. A devastating shield attack is also introduced in the game that helps defeat enemies and clear blocked pathways. When enemies are defeated, orbs are authomattically collected. These orbs can upgrade your weapons and increase your health. 
With the upgrades, the weapons become more powerful and add special bonuses. (EG: Leaving more of one type of orb.) Armour is also picked up adding more bonuses and help to slaughter the evil creatures. 
Bigger villians can be finished off in a snazzy fashion with the touch a blue button once they have been hit enough times. These leave extra orbs to collect.

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