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This is a new commentary channel that I found, it's run by just 2 guys but they put out a massive amount of videos. Well. Daily.
The thing about these 2, TotalyMoo and Mulchie, is that they only shoutcast public games, out of the tournament scene. So you won't see the high-level play of MSI or anything like that, I mean, it's pretty good nonetheless, but every now and then you'll get a real stinker in the teams. And the coolest thing is that that stinker could be you! If you contact them, anyone can join their game and appear on the shoutcasts. :)
Please check out their youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/HoNDaily 
And over all they are pretty nice guys, I've exchanged a few pms with totalymoo and I know he's commited to it. :) Breaks my heart to see he has so little views, tho. So check it out if you are hungry for more casts!
"TotalyMoo and Mulchie, two shoutcasters on their way to glory!
Join us in our adventures while we try to become big shot shoutcasters in the European scene."

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