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Hello everyone, I've opened a new gaming channel on youtube and, for starters, I've been filling it up with Heroes of Newerth videos. They're not all kill montages, I actually try and go a different route than most people and show you guys a different side of HON, a more story-focused, even emotional side. There's some good ones and some bad ones, but I'm proud of all of them! I'll keep updating this topic with the newest videos and I'll save a place in the spotlight for my, or your, current favorite. Please enjoy!  

Spotlight Video   


Recent Videos

Please give me some opinions, this is only the start of the journey and my goal is to get better and better!
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I love these, they are fantasic to watch while waiting to get into a match making game. :)

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@NekuSakuraba:  Thanks man. :) Yeah, they sure are some bite sized entertainment. :P
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Woooah so I'm moving all the videos to a new channel called Scumbag Network. It'll be a Machinima kinda thing, a collaborative channel to where many (or a few) people upload videos to. :) This is a small bump just to update the topic, since the videos currently at the first post are gonna be moved to another channel. I'll create another topic for the new channel once I re-upload all the videos up to where I left off before.

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I dont want to sound like a dick but dont make a new thread. Just bump this one as I think one of this threads is enough... Or make a blog instead of thread, then you can update it when you want and the people who want to see the info will :)
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Thanks for the advice man, I might just do that. But anyway the thing lost a lot of steam, it'll be a while until the videos make a comeback. :)

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