Some thoughts and questions about the game

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I've been playing this game for a while now, and I even pre-ordered it. It doesn't seem like a lot of other people on this site are playing it however (based on the number of forum topics). 
The game has been in beta for quite some time now, and it's always easy to find servers to play on. Do you think that this will continue after the real launch of the game though, when you have to buy the game? Also the servers have been a bit unstable during the last weeks, which might affect some people who are thinking about buying it. I would hate to see the community die out after launch.

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Are you sure it's pay to play? I thought it was a one time buy. 
Anyway, I think that HoN will appeal to the majority of DotA players, so it's playerbase will most likely stay strong.

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@Bevinsky: Oh yeah, my mistake, I meant one time buy :P
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If anything, once free players are locked out there will be fewer idiots and griefers on.

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I think the people who already play it will ruin the experience for newcomers. I played a lot of League of Legends, and tried out HoN when the open beta began. Let me just say that I didn't particularly like it because of it's extremely fast-paced nature. I prefer a more slow, calculated, and strategic battle like in LoL. But, that wasn't my main issue. With every match I joined, the players got worse. Instead of helping out a newcomer (who wasn't even really that horrible), they just called me a douchebag 10 times a minute. There is a definite barrier to entry, not only to the gameplay itself, but to the assholes who seem to populate the user base. I went right back to LoL. (But, not for long, due to this awful, unbalanced ult. I stopped playing after I found out they would even consider something as unfair as that.)

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