When The Heck Does This Game Come Out?!

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What the topic title says lol. I forgot about this game just because I've heard absolutely nothing in a long long time and I was installing League of Legends and thought of it. Any news as to when this game is out? I know it's in beta I guess but I don't know where or how to get a key. :/

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Become a facebook fan, they post frequent updates on how to get in the beta

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"When its done." 
But considering where we are in the beta. I'd say soon. Replays just made it in, and they have a few more features to add on to it before they're done. They have finalized the heroes they are going to have at release already and are balancing/redesigning the ones that need it now. Items are being rebalanced/redesigned as needed now. The last few things they need to finish up are Automatic Tournament Hosting and Group/Single Matchmaking. 

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I was reading they want to have 100 heroes at launch. Personally, I have a  hard time distinguishing a bunch of the characters. Minus Night Hound he's a douche

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