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Herschell Biggs is an arson detective for the Los Angeles Police Department in the game L.A. Noire. He is also the narrator of the game's story. The character is portrayed by actgor Keith Szarabajka. Biggs is a man that works alone; that is, until Cole Phelps winds up in the Arson Department and is assigned to be his partner. Biggs protests the partnership, but is talked down by his superior for doing so.


Biggs is a working man who seems to be gradually more and more exhausted by his work in the arson department. He usually works alone because the work of the arson department is so routine. He's friends with the chief of the fire department and they encounter each other so frequently that when they part ways they say, "See you at the next show."

At first glance, Biggs seems like he might be aggressive and curmudgeonly, much like Rusty Gallaway, but despite his rough voice he turns out to be a decent fellow. When other officers talk down to Phelps for his "incident", Biggs will usually talk back at then and get them to apologize or turn face.


In contrast to many of the characters that appear throughout L.A. Noire who fought in World War II, Biggs is a veteran of World War I. During a driving conversation Phelps tells Biggs that he should be more vigilant since he was in the armed forces. Biggs replies by telling him that he was in the army in 1917 and he isn't what he used to be.


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