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    A condition where characters have differently colored eyes. It could be used to indicate wisdom, insanity, or split personality.

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    Heterochromia is a discoloration of the eyes caused by an uneven distribution of eye pigment. The condition can sometimes extend to the skin or hair. It is usually genetic, but may also be caused by injury, tumors, or other trauma. Complete heterochromia results in two eyes that are completely different from each other. Partial heterochromia can also occur, resulting in eyes that have a section of a different color, or one color starting at the pupil which changes to another color closer to the outer edge of the iris.

    Heterochromia In Games

    Different-colored eyes may be used to draw special attention to particular characters in video games. This can be for many different reasons, but it is often used at dramatic moments to enhance a strong personality trait. When a character is portrayed as a romantic interest, there might be a close-up of their different eyes, in an attempt to convey their attractiveness with an air of mystique. The same technique could be used for a villain, to show them as fearsome, strange, or abnormal. In a medium such as video games, where what is seen tells most of the story, different-colored eyes may be a subtle hint at the dichotomy that lies in any character's soul.


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