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The Jagdpanzer 38(t) was a German tank destroyer in service from 1944 to 45, it is often refered to by its nickname Hetzer.

The Hetzer was small and agile tank destroyer that was easier to hide than larger tank destroyers such as the Jagdpanther or Jagdtiger. It was based on the chassis of the czech 38(t) tank, and was compared to other german tanks very cost effective and reliable. As a main armament it was equppied with a 75mm gun that was capable of defeating all allied medium and some heavy tanks, it also had a remote controlled machine gun on the turret. In less than a year of production almost 3000 of the vehicle was produced, and it was an important part of the armored forces of germany in the final year of the war.

The Czechoslovakian factory that built the vehicle continued building it after the war was over, most of these were exported to switzerland were they were known as G-13.

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