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Kid Icarus

In the original Kid Icarus, Hewdraw is the boss of the Overworld Fortress and guardian of one of the Three Sacred Treasures. He has only one head, and attacks Pit by jumping out of the lava at him.

Kid Icarus Uprising

Hewdraw returns in Kid Icarus: Uprising, this time with two other heads. Each of the heads has it's own personality, which causes trouble for them as they argue between themselves while Pit attacks them. After their main body is defeated, Pit chases two of the heads into town to stop them from harming the humans. When Pit enters an arena, Palutena covered him with a certain pheromone that Hewdraws are attracted to. This lures one of the heads to fight Pit, who is then quickly defeated in battle. Palutena then locates the last head which is recovering near a lake.

At the lake, Pit discovers that the Hewdraw has regrown his body, sans the two other heads. He quickly fights Hewdraw, and returns peace to land once again.

If Pit does not defeat all three of Hewdraw's heads before the flying portion of the stage ends, Palutena will finish off Hewdraw in one strike with her "Super Goddess Glambuster" attack.


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