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    Hi! Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Challenge

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 15, 2007

    A collection of children's educational puzzle games from the popular anime series Hamtaro.

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    The gameplay of Ham-Ham Challenge consists of 12 touchscreen-based puzzle minigames geared towards young children. Unlike previous Hamtaro entries on Nintendo platforms, this game consists of a singular hub world navigated using the touchscreen.

    This was the most recently released handheld Hamtaro game. Because the game was released five years after the Hamtaro anime was cancelled in the United States, the US release includes a short cutscene re-introducing each character. Interestingly, the song that plays during the cutscene is from the anime's Japanese intro theme.


    The minigame types include:

    • Fashion Show with Dexter -coloring
    • Juice Stand with Bijou - cooking memory game
    • Hide and seek with Cappy - matching game
    • Shadow Quiz with Snoozer - shadow matching game
    • Jump rope with Sandy and Stan
    • Numbers with Jingle - musical chairs/counting game
    • Play Shopping with Howdy - paying with exact change
    • School with Maxwell - counting
    • Block Puzzle with Panda
    • Treasure Hunt with Boss - maze game
    • Picking Food with Oxnard - description matching game
    • Picnics with Penelope and Pashmina - memory game

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