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    The main protagonist of Nightshade.

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    Today's not my day- Hibana

    Hibana (緋花 Scarlet Flower) is the protagonist of Nightshade and a descendant of the Oboro clan's Main Household. Although she was born into the lead household, the clan's tradition prohibited a kunoichi leading the clan and she was passed over to the Mukuro clan; a subsidiary branch where she would meet her mentor Jimushi. Jimushi trained her in advanced Oboro Ninja Arts, and joined him in the government's Shinobi Agency. But when Jimushi left the Agency, Hibana, feeling betrayed yet again; first by the Oboro and then Jimushi, became surly and cynical.
    Her biggest mission is the retrieval of the shards of Akujiki; the ancient vampiric katana used by Hotsuma; the last head of the Oboro that have rampaged and created newer deadlier Hellspawn. After defeating Nakatomi Mercenaries, her former master, and the android Kurohagane, Hibana subjugates Akujiki and becomes the true master of the demon blade. Fully aware of the Agency's connection with Nakatomi, Hibana becomes a rogue ninja on her own terms.


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