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Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni is a visual novel developed by 07th Expansion for the PC. The game is an adaptation of a manga written by 07th Expansion's head writer Ryukishi07 which was serialized in Monthly Dragon Age Magazine. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni: The First Night was released on August 13, 2011 at Comiket 80 and the game's second chapter, The Second Night, was released at Comiket 81 in December.

The First Night contains seven stories that each deal with a different demon of the school Marie Moriya attends. At first only one story is unlocked but once the player finishes it, they unlock another story.

Plot Summary

1. Mesomeso-san (めそめそさん)

2. The Spirit Camera (心霊写真機)

3. The Princess's Lie (お姫様の嘘)

4. The Tutelary Spirit's Shrine (鎮守神さまの祠)

5. Hameln's Castanets (ハメルンのカスタネット)

6. One Day for a Certain Girl (とある少女の一日)

7. Utopia (ユートピア)


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