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In Fallout: New Vegas' DLC "Old World Blues," Higgs Village is located in the southeast portion of the Big Empty, the area in which the Courier is transported to when he/she interacts with a fallen satellite near a drive-in theater in the Mojave Wasteland.

Higgs Village in all its glory
Higgs Village in all its glory

Higgs Village is unusual in that the village itself is housed in a gigantic hangar and was clearly once the home of the doctors whom are now located in the Think Tank. Within the homes are numerous references to the doctors such as a uniquely named pair of scientist gloves and scrubs of Dr. Klein in one and another filled with an abundance of teddy bears that possibly might have housed Dr. Dala, whom displays an obsession with analyzing the Courier's anatomy and teddy bears.

The village has a striking resemblance to Fallout 3's Tranquility Lane.

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