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    High Elves

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    High Elves is a race in the fantasy genre. They are all good-natured, but are often considered rude or prudish by other races. High Elves are highly intelligent, but also wise, making them great magic users of all types.

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    The Elder Scrolls

    The Altmer, commonly referred to as high elves, come from Summerset Isle and are gifted in the arcane arts.


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    High Elves are the original race created by Tunare, the Mother of All. They refer to themselves as the Koada`Dal. Their nobles were abducted by Innoruuk long ago in his creation of the dark elves. The high elves were then driven from their homes in Tunaria by Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince, when he scorched the forests into deserts.

    The elves who survived made new homes on the continent of Faydwer in Castle Felwithe. Even now, they are constantly attacked by Innoruuk's abominations as he has now twisted his own race of orcs into attacking the elves. High elves are more intelligent than their nature loving cousins, the wood elves. Many high elves become excellent enchanters, magicians, and wizards. While intelligent, they are also quite wise, which lends to their adeptness as clerics and paladins.

    All high elves are good-natured, but are often found to be rude and prude by other races. Other races won't kill them on sight like they would dark elves, but merchants may charge a higher price or simply not talk to high elves at all. High elves can see decently in the dark thanks to infravision and can wear either small or large armor.

    EverQuest II

    After the catastrophic events that shattered Norrath's lands, the High Elves now make their home in Castleview Hamlet district of Qeynos.

    World of Warcraft

    While not present in the conventional sense in WoW, Night Elves are analogous to High Elves. Like High Elves, Night Elves are good at magic and make excellent mages as well as being tall and having pointed ears.


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