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High Keep
High Keep

High Keep is quite a unique locale. On the ground and upper levels, it is a fort signifying the midpoint between the trade route of Qeynos and Freeport. It offers rest for the weary, as well as merchants and a bank for traders, adventurers, and travelers alike to restock their wares. At the highest levels of the keep, marble hallways lead to casinos that offer entertainment for those that can afford it. But down below, a battle rages as the Pickclaw goblins of nearby Runnyeye Citadel have been literally coming out of the walls as they attempt to expand their citadel. The High Keep guards employ many adventurers in keeping the goblins at bay. The close proximity of merchants and bank make it an excellent location to earn experience for future battles. The duke of the keep, Carson McCabe, is not exactly loved by its inhabitants. His taxes and fees keep most citizens struggling to get by, but McCabe claims these fees keep the settlement safe, which increases income from the many travelers passing through. McCabe knows that he rules the only passage between Freeport and Qeynos for those not willing to risk passing the mountains, swamps, and desert to the south.

Neighboring Zones


  • Carson McCabe
  • Corrupt Qeynos Guards
  • The Freeport Militia
  • Highpass Guards
  • Merchants of Highpass

Guild Halls

Guild LocationClassesGuildmaster
The LibraryWizardsRan Flamespinner

Commerce & Tradeskills

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
High Keep BankBank, General Supplies, BagsJewelry
King's CourtBrewing
The KitchenBakingOven, Brew Barrel


Notable NPCs

  • Bank Clerk Jaylin
  • Captain Bosec
  • Captain Boshinko
  • Carson McCabe
  • Dyrna Nlith
  • Lady McCabe
  • Lucky the Beggar
  • Mistress Anna
  • Princess Lenia
  • Ran Flamespinner
  • Tyrana Slil

Notable Items

  • Amstaf's Scroll
  • Clawed Knuckle Ring
  • Goblin Ears

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