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    High School Musical: Sing It!

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 30, 2007

    High School Musical: Sing It! is a karaoke game based on Disney's smash hit High School Musical franchise, allowing players to sing their way through over 2 dozens tracks from or related to the movies.

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    High School Musical: Sing It! features fairly standard karaoke gameplay. Lyrics are filled in from left to right with players trying to sing in time to this s well as match the approximate pitch of the original. Two players can sing at once for duets, for these, a second lyrics set is shown, as well as a separate pitch chart.

    Tracks Featured

    There are 30 tracks total. 10 from High School Musical, 11 from High School Musical 2 and 9 other songs from Disney Channel stars like The Cheetah Girls and High School Musical's own Corbin Bleu. Of all the songs in the game, only 1 is an original recording (Everyday, performed by Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens).

    High School Musical

    • Start of Something New
    • Get'cha Head in the Game
    • What I've Been Looking For (Sharpay and Ryan Version)
    • What I've Been Looking For (Troy and Gabriella Version)
    • Stick to the Status Quo
    • When There Was Me and You
    • Bop to the Top
    • Breaking Free
    • We're All in This Together
    • I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

    High School Musical 2

    • What Time is It?
    • Fabulous*
    • Work This Out
    • You Are the Music in Me
    • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
    • I Don't Dance
    • You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version)
    • Gotta Go My Own Way
    • Bet on It
    • Everyday
    • All for One

    From Outside the Franchise

    • All Good Now
    • Beautiful Soul
    • Cheetah Sisters
    • Counting On You
    • I Will Be Around
    • Jump To The Rythem
    • No One
    • On the Ride
    • Push It To The Limit


    The game features 12 locations in which players sing, all are taken from the movies but ae not necessarily settings for songs in the move they are from:

    • New Years Eve Lodge (Opening of High School Musical, Start of Something New)
    • Auditorium (In the school, High School Musical, various original uses)
    • Cafeteria (In the school, High School Musical, Stick to the Status Quo)
    • Corridors (In the school, various original uses)
    • Gym (In the school, High School Musical, Get'cha Head in the Game)
    • School Grounds (In the school, Primarily High School Musical 2, What Time is It?)
    • Rooftop Garden (High School Musical)
    • Science Class (High School Musical)
    • Trophy Room (High School Musical)
    • Golf Course (High School Musical 2, Bet On It)
    • Summer Resort (High School Musical 2, various original uses)
    • Swimming Pool (High School Musical 2, All For One)


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