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High Velocity Bowling is a bowling game developed by SCE Studios San Diego and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America for PlayStation 3.


High Velocity Bowling has two game modes, Let's Bowl and Challenge Mode:

Let's Bowl

A quick-bowl type game that supports up to 4 players all using the one controller.

Challenge mode

A single player mode where players compete to unlock more characters, clothes and balls. There are three different types of challenges:

  • Head 2 Head - Players compete against another bowler and unlock the competing character if won.
  • Tournament - A bowling tournament against AI opponents, can unlock items if won.
  • Trick Shots - The final challenge mode where players have to participate in objective type bowling games; such as bowling around items and over ramps.


High Velocity Bowling utilizes the SIXAXIS/ DualShock 3's motion sensing abilities to control the character much like the bowling game in Wii Sports. Players grip the SIXAXIS/DS3 upside down and perform a bowling motion with your arm to emulate real life bowling.

Custom Soundtracks

High Velocity Bowling also supports in-game music through the game itself for players wanting to listen to whatever music they may have on the HDD of their PS3.


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